Monday, June 23, 2008

The other direction.

SO those of you that know me have seen my car I have been working on it for well ever and its really getting close my dad talked me into going small block and so I went custom with it in the spirit of the bell flower custom very understated low (on air bags) 15 inch astro supremes and pinner whites. The paint is a custom mix green and so far the interior is all stock ie. ratty but I hope to go full on matching trunk and interior installed as soon as I get a leak in the trunk fixed and finish installing all the dyna mat. Any way here is the other direction. If I hadnt let dad talk me into a small block and would have bought that 429 cobra jet motor we found being sold out of a speed boat this is what it would have looked like. What do you think guys did I go the right way?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Quick and dirty

A guy I work with Jose has a 66 mustang coupe nothin fancy 289 non gt car and he says, "hey man I am gonna paint my car orange!" And I say, "umm orange?" "Lemme think about that." Now orange is a color that you just cant go throwin around and Jose didnt have any idea what style or how he was gonna build his mustang just that he wanted orange with black interior. So after talkin about how he was gonna drive it and what he really liked I knocked this out just a quick 5 min sketch no other attempts no pics of his car to look at just some ideas. I went with a road race/ touring look with the venerable thunderbolt tear drop hood threw some mopar style hood lettering and classed up the headlights in the grill idea. I was thinking that super high pearl lambo orange and flat black on the hood all the way back past the windows following the fender top edge. and a flat black panel surrounding the taillights. As for the wheels I couldnt quite picture how they really look or who makes em but I have seen em on this style car before mustang and challangers aar cudas so sorry they look lame. What do you want for no referance material and no pics at all? Will he build it this way ? I dunno its a 5 min sketch but the orange is growin on em I think it could be ok.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

HH Magazine

So i was reading this months Heavy Hitters magazine and there was an article on the guy that is the owner of skin. If you arent sure what skin is hangout any were and sooner or later it will just walk past you look for an updated gothic logo (Skin) and normally a stripper or two. Any way I was amazed to read he started everything with 4 shirts and a hat! Wow to create so much with so little! And I started thinking I need a hat and maybe a beanie? Does any one wear beanies any more? I guess they do. Well I am not sure what to make of this I started thinking I needed between 6 and 12 but I think 4 is a really great place to start. As for the mag I think it has a lot of possibilities. They follow already or up and coming successfull men and women that just happen to have fly cars and interview them to see what path they took. Very interesting and most important of all empowering. I dunno how many stars I give it but I cant lie I wouldnt mind them knocking on my door sayin "hey wanna be in?"

The reason why

So I was asked the other day." Hey Jerky wheres your sketches!?" well i hate to say it but i was warned against showin anything with my soon to trademarked company name until, well its trade marked. Between house stuff and gas my access to petty cash and some of the stuff I need to complete images and get this thing off the ground are limited and again I havent registered the name yet ergo, ass hat. You people gots ta wait! Seriously I hope you all arent disappointed and I hope maybe even get a poll out there to pick some of the designs I will offer so far I havent told many people about this thing but so far its been pretty positive. I will however post some sketches that are not totally unrelated soon. In the mean time here is one I have been drawing off and on since highschool and would love to build one day lemme know what you think. Oh and not real sure on the back end never can seem to get that just right but the front six headlights and the bubble are non negotiable.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Were you end up

usually depends on were you start. I lost my Old man a few weeks ago. I am proud to say he was my dad in the truest sense. He worked hard so mom could go college while raising my sister and I in the burbs and growin up I knew john wayne didnt have shit on my old man. He was a car guy with style a motorcyclist not biker, he was a Harley rider before it was cool and we would argue endlessly over what was cool and what was junk every day laughing all the while and needless to say I miss him. I know that what I am is due in large part to him and am thankfull every day I was smart enough to realise I didnt have anything to rebell against the dude was wise fun and almost always cool. Heres to the old man.