Monday, August 3, 2009

Still Looking

Man house shopping is hard! At this point I have several offers in back up and we are still looking I am getting a little frustrated but I know whatever we get will be good and we can make it a home. Every time I make an offer though a strange thing happens when i get to my curent house I start looking around at projects finished and unfinished things I and family and freinds have done and yet to do and I start fearing change. I have grown to love this house and its close proximity to my Moms and Grand Parents place. I even currently live next to the park allowing Melissa and her puppy Beef to stroll over and play in the dog park! Its a pretty dope location! Facts though are facts I can get more and pay less by buying a differant house now more sq footage and more space God willing a 3 car garage and a pool!


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