Monday, December 1, 2008

Totally not stached

So the night i was supposed to take pictures of my silky blonde stachiness. My golden caterpiller of love. The slightly stealthy but well hell I enough of the build up lets just get this over with. You know how when your just doin somthin you do not thinkin and you just do it...... I was deep in thought and shaved the sumbitch right off well half off. Now friends.....I gotta admit i had the thought of takin a pic of what i had left... but that would have been lame so I sucked it up and carved the rest off as well I am out of the running no evidence to show for it. My first foray into the sport that is competitive mustache growing is a bust. But with a revised diet and possible secret sasquatch mustache growing steroids I could be a contender next year. 


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