Thursday, November 20, 2008

Totally stached

Ok not totally tonight when I get home I will endure my first stach photo shoot. I have attempted playing music directly into my upper lip, gentle massages , moonlight walks, acupuncture, and being blonde is not helping! I feel after viewing Petes posse of lip pube greatness I am am just not meant to be the Tom Seleck rock star mustache ride ticket seller we all wish to be. My path may lay else were perhaps in side burns or a classy mohawk? I haven't shaved the upper (or lower for that matter) lip since the beginning of the contest and in just the right light I am stached but all other virtually invisible. I am the possessor of the rare and ultimately unquested for ninja stealth stach. What can you do? pics to follow 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Brothers Anderson

A tradition has been started by the Anderson brothers. One that I expect will any day now become a national holiday. A yearly mustache race, grow the best smoothest caterpillar on your lip you possibly can. Now I am not braggin but if the only competition I have is these jokers well I feel confidant in saying I got 3rd place locked up. Thats right i am callin it now dont feel bad for the Andersons they will recover. as for me..... and my peachy fuzziness.... well ladies thats just how I roll. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Done and done

   Congratulations to you sir! Mr. president Obama, incredible I am amazed and excited at the promise your being our commander in chief fulfills. I am stoked to be alive at this time in history living through a benchmark time like this is an honor. You have a hell of a struggle ahead of you sir McCains concession speech was amazing i wish we had seen more of that caliber of feeling from him during the campaign but you couldn't have asked for a more gracious bow to your win. I can only hope that this will do something to heal some differences between the parties.  I hope you find a good place for him in your cabinet as I think all would agree he would be an amazing help. So now it begins, your fight for paying off incurred debt; building of new jobs, making our trade agreements closer to fair,  restructuring and trimming of government spending, and lets not forget a restructuring of our whole energy grid! I wish you and yours the best of luck and god speed in all your endeavors as your fights are ours as are your wins and losses ours as well. You have a lot of promises to keep and a lot of change to be changin. 

To you sir my Commander in Chief President Barrack Obama of these United states of America.