Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top Gear....America?

I am a Huge fan of the BBCs Top gear, And I understand that there will be a top gear for America GOD DAMNIT!! At a time with the whole world in crises everything falling apart at the seems do we really need yet another reminder that America cant get shit right? Jay Leno was approached and wisely declined the host job on the show. He is quoted as saying that he was afraid an american version of top gear might not work because the reason the brits version is so good is they trash what they drive if its a shit box they say so. And American advertisers may not like that! I am paraphrasing of coarse Jay Leno would never say "shit" in public. Jays a good guy and I have mad respect for him as a car guy but he is tied to GM way to tightly to be any good to the show. 

However He is right The only way Top Gear should be done in america is if we do it in the OLD version of american spirit, were we say to ourselves damn thats good....hey FUCK those guys were better than that and then and this is the important part, prove we are. Adam Corrola is rumored to be in the lead and some jack off columnist from the la times as well. I like Adam he is not a pretty man but thats ok.  With a face only radio could love comes some attitude and hopefully Adam is just rich enough that he can be honest. If this endeavor is to be any good at all it has to be so good so true so unbelievably I cant believe how right they are that the BBC version will want to challenge and debate them. In short we need the respect.

 Most importantly we need guys that are regular opinionated NON SPONSORED guys. Keep the goddamned sponsors away from all members of this show. This cant be like electing our president were the candidates are for sale to the highest bidder. The second any one on the show says brought to you by and names a car company the show is done its over. Top Gear is what it is, car guys stating their opinion and you cant do that if your opinion is tied to your wallet being filled by the people you are supposed to be telling the truth about. OH and our stig has to be better faster stronger if our stig goes against thiers theirs must cry! Actual tears!  If they call us out we have to match em and better them in every way more honest way funnier a couple guys talkin shit and layn rubber like crazed Roth characters. And let them be real not actors these guys gotta be genuine and likable/hate-able.  If its good the ad space will fill on its own when everyone watches no matter what is being said ads will follow. Come on guys lets not screw this up huh? 


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