Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Midnight Mass!

Midnight Mass 08!  If you weren't there I wont bore you with inadequate descriptions of chrome and women strewn about  each glistening in the afternoon sun primped and polished for all to enjoy. Nope i wont do it! I am only going to lay out some reasons why this show isn't to be missed by you again! This is my favorite show of the year for a few reasons. This show starts around 4 but we never show till 6-7 and hang till midnight so the sun is down the weather is perfect and comfortable. Most shows are static park and walk but you can cruise at this show! I rolled the Galaxie around hitten switches and popping flames off and on all night!Besides cars while beautiful parked are meant to be seen moving ! There were 7 bands a pin up and burlesque show (wich we couldn't find) and the cars are limited to style and genre, so no ginormous billet wheels.  Traditional styled cars only. A lot of the vendors were locals or from the bay so you can really meet the people behind the cars that are being shown and talk with them. For those reasons and a lot more make this show unmissable. I want to thank the Poor Boys Sacramento chapter for puttin on  a great show!


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