Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am about to have weekends off! Wow I have to say I was at first kinda bummed about to be honest. I have fri sat off now and while it sucks only having one day in common with my girl its nice to roll in sunday and start the week off slow. Mon through Fri will be a change and yes it will cost me my 35% overage but at least I am still 2-11 late shift so I am getting some extra there maybe I can ween myself down to regular schedule and regular people pay and actually start enjoying the things I have in my life. Its gonna be nice to see my grandparents more maybe start a monthly or bi monthly family dinner? I miss those days! Also I am 2 months out from house shopping!! This one I am doing solo so its really important/exciting for me. I have dreams of 3+ car garage miracle homes or cheap industrial buildings with cool architecture converted to a home with a living room view of my rides. I even have my eye on a few buildings off broadway. But only time and the economy will tell. It may sound harsh but I need a few more months of bad news fro everyone else to have good news this year for me.