Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2nd gear

So I lost 2nd gear today. I dont mean this in oddly descriptive tone or a metaphore for my feelings on some event I mean.....quite literally I lost 2nd gear. I heard it die as I entered the on ramp. I know the sound of expensive and that high pitched shriek and thunk was it. as I tested and watched and listened and trouble shot determining by rpm vs speed and the feel of tension between gas pedal and velocity, I had lost 2nd gear. Odd fact, did you know that 2nd gear is also reverse. I wasnt sure but when I had to back out of a parking spot and couldnt, well thats a hell of a clue. Luckily my dads early training of me in the secret art of being a tractor allowed me to push my truck up hill out of a parking spot. (thanks dad) Actually being able to tell what failed while driving seconds after the failure is also due to my dad (thanks dad again). 

What an odd time to become cognizant of a gift and a piece I will always carry with me from my father. ( thanks again again Dad.) Ill take the Truck in to the GMC dealer tomorrow as its under warranty and I will.... and this I vow punish a rental car for 2nd gears failure. another post without much of a point. Enjoy. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sad strange

I am not really sure how to start this off. I work as a tech for a large company i wont name I like it its a ok job, cool in the summer warm in the winter and I get to help people out if only in a small way, so I like that part to. Recently at work they had a contest with pretty neat prizes and all of us worker bees were pretty stoked and started working hard to win. Some, apparently alot cheated and were fired for it. I am not sure how I feel about it. I mean on one hand they cheated and in doing so adversely affected our customers and put my employer in a bad spot. On the other this is the worst time in my lifetime to be unemployed and I cant imagine being without a job right now. 
 I would have had a hard time cutting those people loose. If only because I know most people are only two to three checks away from homelessness especially now.  Cheating is cheating and I am coming to understand some may even have done it without knowing but now they are gone and hopefully someone that has hurting for a job will find their way in. Its just so strange to me that my company held a contest to drive performance and because of it a few are without a lively hood. 
Sorry no real point to this one just what was on my mind.