Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Isreal vs Hamas

So people around the world are protesting Israelis attacks on Hamas strongholds in the Gaza strip. I dont hear any one but the Israelis and the American government pointing out that Hamas started flinging rockets into Israel killing and wounding civilians and this is Israelis response to those attacks. I also have read and seen many arabic countries protesting Ireals (counter) attacks but none of these countries are sending aid to the Palestinians, interesting enough its Isreal that gives the Palestinians the most aid.  Talk about empty support and opportunism Iran! Why take time from your day to offer words of condemnation but provide no support for the people you claim to side with?

Also its really hard for me to feel bad for Hamas when they know that Israels response time is fast and that Israel will send return fire into an area that Hamas has fired from but Hamas still chooses to fire rockets from school play yards and hospitals. You dont have to be a Nobel prize winner to see that Hamas is banking on the return fire and the negative press Isreal gets when that RETURN fire hits a school and innocents are killed. As far as I stand Hamas is guilty of killing those innocents as they knew what was going to happen. And this has got to be hard for the Palastinians to take knowing their children and elderly are being killed in response to an attack launched by their supposed defenders. 

And while I dont expect this short essay/commentary to solve any issues at all. I understand that as an American I am perceived to dumb to have any insight by the world at large.  I do know this. Hamas is going to get their ass kicked, this is a stupid cycle of violence and further proof that when people dont study or learn history they are doomed to repeat it. This is exactly the thing Ghandi saw going on in India, he saw the British and knew India could never win by force alone and brought peaceful protesting into play. And might I add successfully.  A play later used in America by Martin Luther King to great success. Both of these situations are valid approximations of this very struggle and a successfull non violent way out. I understand the Palestinians feeling for Hamas. Hamas provides Health care and schools and support to an area that the rest of the muslim world only talks about but Hamas if they are truly friends of the people they claim to protect has got to change up their tactics and start actually being a help and not getting the people they claim to protect killed. 

Peaceful protest and diligence to the safety of their people is the only way to get what they say they want. they also have to realize this path is also bad for Isreal and that both would benefit for obviouse reasons from a peaceful co existence. Whats done is done and all that can be changed is the future coarse of action. Isreals claim on the land is recognized and they arent going any were its time Hamas learns what is winnable and work towards a sustainable peace. working towards co existence and education of sameness and commonality. All people at their base want the same things, Safety, Basic Freedoms and better for their children then they had why not start there and move forward with those interests as the highest priority.  When that happens and Israeli and Muslims can have coffee and eat in the same cafes and live in the same neighborhoods without fear of suicide bomber or errant rockets only then Hamas and Isreal will have both finally won. And thats the key both have to se peace as the ultimate victory. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

Totally not stached

So the night i was supposed to take pictures of my silky blonde stachiness. My golden caterpiller of love. The slightly stealthy but well hell I enough of the build up lets just get this over with. You know how when your just doin somthin you do not thinkin and you just do it...... I was deep in thought and shaved the sumbitch right off well half off. Now friends.....I gotta admit i had the thought of takin a pic of what i had left... but that would have been lame so I sucked it up and carved the rest off as well I am out of the running no evidence to show for it. My first foray into the sport that is competitive mustache growing is a bust. But with a revised diet and possible secret sasquatch mustache growing steroids I could be a contender next year.