Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So after I wrote the last blog chevy introduced the final on the Volt and hey it looks like a prius! I thought man I have toyotas little ride on the brain so I called some different people over to my desk everyone of em said "Hey is that the new Prius?" Others seem to think so to CNN article listed below talks about how poorly and obvious this has become to GM current fearless leader Bob Lutz and it seems everyone thinks Chevy pussed out and made a copy instead of innovated and stuck with a design closer to the concept. I wish chevy luck with the Volt and will for sure take a look when they come out but i really think chevy has dropped the ball here trying to play it safe. I understand Aero dynamics could some day dictate styling to the degree that all cars look the same as they began to in the late 80s and early 90s but theres gotta be room guys.  We want an American car thats better. Chevy is locked in on the Volt if they are showing this as the final its to late to change the style. I guess all we can do is tray and be open minded till seen in person and hope Ford and Dodge are paying attention.


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