Saturday, September 13, 2008

Prius The full on plug in.

So Toyota is experimenting with a full plug in electric Prius. Now dont you newbies start acting like this is the latest greatest and no the japanese arent pioneers here Electric cars were once seriouse competitor for fossil fuel powered vehicles. All  conceived  designed and manufactured right here in the U.S of smokemifyougottem A. In fact everyones pall Jay Leno has a fleet of em. check out That being said the holy grail of duchebaggery Prius is boldly going were US automakers have gone and refuse to go again. And in doing so acting like they are the first and only ones. Never Mind firms like tesla offering lotus elise based full electric sports cars for midgets (because you have to be a midget to fit in one) and their buyers are taking delivery now. There is also Zap a company  inline with Teslas in reguards to size of customer but polar opposite performance wise. And there are a few others. Though none with the backing toyota has. And honestly it will probly take a full electric Prius to make our staggering 3 realise what an opportunity has been missed. 

  I cant understand why ford or especially chevy cant knock out a greeny full electric 300 mile range plug in under 30 gs . With up dated battery technology General motors ev1 has been hypothesized an easy 250 - 300 mpc (miles per charge baby made that one up). But american companies wont commit to a full on electric because they state there is a limited market. Never mind the people standing in line for the Prius already so much so some people are paying the 30 plus mark up and then dropin another 10 -12 Somalians to convert to full electric voiding all toyota warranties. And with gas headin for 4 bones a gallon again Toyota cant keep the prius on the show room floor. The limited market thing is a bullshit argument any way all 3 have built limited run cars and subsidized them as brand builders which this would also be. Think fords Gt 40 and dodges prowler and Viper, and general motors is now doing a hand built corvette without a doubt the best one ever and we all know about the ev1 wich they killed despite people literally stalking them after confiscation! If any company has proven the fast concept to reality ability its chrysler so why not an ev guys? 

  I might not be the best  example here but I got a few rides and would jump at the chance to not have to put gas in my dayly. All I am sayin is Ford/chevy/dodge think model T with an option list like a 60s mustang. And you know what make people wait for it have a few at the dealer ship as loaners while the car they order is built for them. Make it all star bucks and boutique get the chi chi clothiers in on it like gucci and luis vutton for interior and special editions and Prius will become toyotas pinto. Its so damned apparent to me. But what do I know. I am holdin out hope for the Volt but now its a hybrid and rumors that it may be sold as a cadillac to cover the upscale price abound I am sure it wont be affordable for the average joe. How about restarting the ev1 line and call it a throw back ride!? I guess I am really spit ballin here because I dont really know why the big three wont do it but I sure wish they would Hate seeing  the home team down. 


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