Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh Celly I missed you so!

I recently went 3 days without my cell phone. Being a good son can be a real bitch sometimes. Basically My mom lost hers and shes a broker so cant be without one I gave up mine. I have to say at first it was strange, kind of like leaving the house sans wallet just constantly feeling like I was missing something, then it was kind of nice. Unable to call people or be called I got to listen to my new cd in the truck (Moonlight Cruisers recommended by my barber, hasn't left my player since I slid it in go buy your self a copy now) And to be able to just think about stuff. Quiet time to reflect and deflate from the day to and from work instead of calling to resolve or hear about the next issue. Almost liberating. 

 Any way Its amazing to me just how reliant I have, and am sure you as well have become on this little wonder. I dont know anyones number any more. I have no other means of contacting anyone I turned off my landline years ago. And seriously when is the last time anyone even saw a payphone! Talk about something going extinct in your life time. Any way just strange and random and a round about way of letting everyone know I am mobile phone capable again. Oh Celly how I missed you! 


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