Thursday, August 14, 2008


Crack pot? Crack shot? Hot shot? Pole pot? Cracker jack? What the fuck is this guy talkin about? Surely I miss heard that, he isn't calling me a Crack pot a diss from what the Truman administration?  I digress so there I am at work and this previous manager of mine walked up with a new guy in tow and says "Oh hey you should sit here with James he was on my team he is a Crack pot technician!" Now let me explain this isn't a guy thats fresh off the boat from any were. No detectable accent seems to be a run of the mill dude I stop him and say "Why Crack pot?" he says, "Dont you know what that means, it means your really great!" "No, no it doesn't, it means I am a wiley old coot. Or someone whose brains must be leaking out of their head a nut job a believer in the insane a moron." The guy argues with me on the meaning of crack pot but he is seriously arguing so obviously someone has been calling him a crack pot with a smile for a long time. Any way who even says Crack pot any more? 
And what even in todays lexicon would make you think the two words together would mean something good? Crack well we all know how good crack and head go together and pot slow no job and hungry all the time put them together and crack pot means pretty much the same thing moron. I dunno I am just sayin yesterday was weird that guys a tool and dont piss on my shell tops and call it a shine. I know the difference.  By the way I looked at wikipedia They dont even have a definition of Crack Pot !! How out of use is a term when wikipedias got nothin !! Ha! I am also did a search on google for images for my title image under dumb ass and shockingly G.W.Bush and asian sport bikes seem to dominate! Seriously whats that about? Why asian sport bikes? Ok i am done you can go back to your day.


Blogger Jennifer said...

you crack me up, el peacho! 'don't piss on my shell tops and call it a shine'?! classic!

did he mean to say 'crackerjack'??

don't let the a-holes get ya down!

mrs. a

August 14, 2008 at 1:12 PM  

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