Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So we got a house and should be in and renovating by the end of this month. We are pretty stoked been buying appliances and tile and paint and .... Well like I said we are renovating. I didn't score a 3 car but we did get a 4 bedroom and a pool and a crazy big lot. And the garage has a really nice extra portion on one side perfect for all my tools and gear. I am really looking forward to getting this new project started I am also really looking at were I stand with my company and looking around me at my resources what I have available to me and what I can get hooked up to get some other stuff going. 

Monday, August 3, 2009

Still Looking

Man house shopping is hard! At this point I have several offers in back up and we are still looking I am getting a little frustrated but I know whatever we get will be good and we can make it a home. Every time I make an offer though a strange thing happens when i get to my curent house I start looking around at projects finished and unfinished things I and family and freinds have done and yet to do and I start fearing change. I have grown to love this house and its close proximity to my Moms and Grand Parents place. I even currently live next to the park allowing Melissa and her puppy Beef to stroll over and play in the dog park! Its a pretty dope location! Facts though are facts I can get more and pay less by buying a differant house now more sq footage and more space God willing a 3 car garage and a pool!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home Shopping

So I am house shopping its pretty exciting and also frustrating there are some great deals to be had and I want in but do I take the screamin deal in a transitional neighborhood or the small spot in a good location? do i hold out for the 3 car and  a pool or do I take what I can and be happy? There is so much to consider is the street a good one? What are the neighbors like can i raise kids here? Thats right i said kids! Could happen!?
So I am lookin and its stressin me out but all good I know ill find just the right spot to set up shop and begin remodeling it to the evil lair we all know I need. I am really looking forward to sharing my Lair with my awesome chick and making it our own! Wish us luck !

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am about to have weekends off! Wow I have to say I was at first kinda bummed about to be honest. I have fri sat off now and while it sucks only having one day in common with my girl its nice to roll in sunday and start the week off slow. Mon through Fri will be a change and yes it will cost me my 35% overage but at least I am still 2-11 late shift so I am getting some extra there maybe I can ween myself down to regular schedule and regular people pay and actually start enjoying the things I have in my life. Its gonna be nice to see my grandparents more maybe start a monthly or bi monthly family dinner? I miss those days! Also I am 2 months out from house shopping!! This one I am doing solo so its really important/exciting for me. I have dreams of 3+ car garage miracle homes or cheap industrial buildings with cool architecture converted to a home with a living room view of my rides. I even have my eye on a few buildings off broadway. But only time and the economy will tell. It may sound harsh but I need a few more months of bad news fro everyone else to have good news this year for me. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2nd gear

So I lost 2nd gear today. I dont mean this in oddly descriptive tone or a metaphore for my feelings on some event I mean.....quite literally I lost 2nd gear. I heard it die as I entered the on ramp. I know the sound of expensive and that high pitched shriek and thunk was it. as I tested and watched and listened and trouble shot determining by rpm vs speed and the feel of tension between gas pedal and velocity, I had lost 2nd gear. Odd fact, did you know that 2nd gear is also reverse. I wasnt sure but when I had to back out of a parking spot and couldnt, well thats a hell of a clue. Luckily my dads early training of me in the secret art of being a tractor allowed me to push my truck up hill out of a parking spot. (thanks dad) Actually being able to tell what failed while driving seconds after the failure is also due to my dad (thanks dad again). 

What an odd time to become cognizant of a gift and a piece I will always carry with me from my father. ( thanks again again Dad.) Ill take the Truck in to the GMC dealer tomorrow as its under warranty and I will.... and this I vow punish a rental car for 2nd gears failure. another post without much of a point. Enjoy. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sad strange

I am not really sure how to start this off. I work as a tech for a large company i wont name I like it its a ok job, cool in the summer warm in the winter and I get to help people out if only in a small way, so I like that part to. Recently at work they had a contest with pretty neat prizes and all of us worker bees were pretty stoked and started working hard to win. Some, apparently alot cheated and were fired for it. I am not sure how I feel about it. I mean on one hand they cheated and in doing so adversely affected our customers and put my employer in a bad spot. On the other this is the worst time in my lifetime to be unemployed and I cant imagine being without a job right now. 
 I would have had a hard time cutting those people loose. If only because I know most people are only two to three checks away from homelessness especially now.  Cheating is cheating and I am coming to understand some may even have done it without knowing but now they are gone and hopefully someone that has hurting for a job will find their way in. Its just so strange to me that my company held a contest to drive performance and because of it a few are without a lively hood. 
Sorry no real point to this one just what was on my mind.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Isreal vs Hamas

So people around the world are protesting Israelis attacks on Hamas strongholds in the Gaza strip. I dont hear any one but the Israelis and the American government pointing out that Hamas started flinging rockets into Israel killing and wounding civilians and this is Israelis response to those attacks. I also have read and seen many arabic countries protesting Ireals (counter) attacks but none of these countries are sending aid to the Palestinians, interesting enough its Isreal that gives the Palestinians the most aid.  Talk about empty support and opportunism Iran! Why take time from your day to offer words of condemnation but provide no support for the people you claim to side with?

Also its really hard for me to feel bad for Hamas when they know that Israels response time is fast and that Israel will send return fire into an area that Hamas has fired from but Hamas still chooses to fire rockets from school play yards and hospitals. You dont have to be a Nobel prize winner to see that Hamas is banking on the return fire and the negative press Isreal gets when that RETURN fire hits a school and innocents are killed. As far as I stand Hamas is guilty of killing those innocents as they knew what was going to happen. And this has got to be hard for the Palastinians to take knowing their children and elderly are being killed in response to an attack launched by their supposed defenders. 

And while I dont expect this short essay/commentary to solve any issues at all. I understand that as an American I am perceived to dumb to have any insight by the world at large.  I do know this. Hamas is going to get their ass kicked, this is a stupid cycle of violence and further proof that when people dont study or learn history they are doomed to repeat it. This is exactly the thing Ghandi saw going on in India, he saw the British and knew India could never win by force alone and brought peaceful protesting into play. And might I add successfully.  A play later used in America by Martin Luther King to great success. Both of these situations are valid approximations of this very struggle and a successfull non violent way out. I understand the Palestinians feeling for Hamas. Hamas provides Health care and schools and support to an area that the rest of the muslim world only talks about but Hamas if they are truly friends of the people they claim to protect has got to change up their tactics and start actually being a help and not getting the people they claim to protect killed. 

Peaceful protest and diligence to the safety of their people is the only way to get what they say they want. they also have to realize this path is also bad for Isreal and that both would benefit for obviouse reasons from a peaceful co existence. Whats done is done and all that can be changed is the future coarse of action. Isreals claim on the land is recognized and they arent going any were its time Hamas learns what is winnable and work towards a sustainable peace. working towards co existence and education of sameness and commonality. All people at their base want the same things, Safety, Basic Freedoms and better for their children then they had why not start there and move forward with those interests as the highest priority.  When that happens and Israeli and Muslims can have coffee and eat in the same cafes and live in the same neighborhoods without fear of suicide bomber or errant rockets only then Hamas and Isreal will have both finally won. And thats the key both have to se peace as the ultimate victory.