Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HOLY SHIT!! Dodge WAS paying attention!

SO.......The more I read about the volt the more its growing on me. Im  still and not a fan of its styling closeness to the car that shall no longer be named but the technology is awesome and the interior looks very interesting. Then dodge busts out with 3 different versions of the electric two like the volt ie ev primary drive small gas or diesel only for back up charging of the batteries no direct responsibilities for driving the wheels.  And I never thought i would say this but, a minivan totally makes sense. And a jeep? I am not really sure how that one is a good idea other than for research. I mean Give an electric or hybrid to a trail rider and they will break it every way to sunday so good for testing purposes but the extra weight and electronics is a bad idea for off road. And lastly a tesla! I say a tesla because thats what the sports car is a lotus elise modified into a electric car! So I am calling shenanigans on that one. 

Been done Dodge put down the hateraid and stop acting like you came up with something new. I am a little surprised no one else has said as much yet.  However I am really happy for chrysler and am looking forward to a real functional and original ev design if anyone can make one look cool its chrysler as long as they realize it has to be its own thing completely and its ok to make this cars styling different from everything in their line. If they can do that and make it with descent range and keep it 300 comfy they will be well on their way back. Ok so to the people that know me. What the hell is with the EV shit!?!? How did this happen and why is no one setting up an intervention!? 


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