Thursday, October 16, 2008

were you watching the debates?

I think its safe to say if you are reading or writing a blog that you are. I was with great interest. And I really was buying into this being a historical election but it doesnt feel that way any more. With McCain and Obama both skirting questions just like the politicians they are both claiming to be so different than, its starting to feel like more of the same. Still no matter what the outcome is this will be an election talked about for quite some time. For the first time in our history, a woman and a black guy as serious contenders and even with the white guy we have something we havent seen in a long time an actual stand up white guy. I can honestly say I didnt think they made those in the politician model any more. Now women and black guys have run before but I think we can all agree never before now has it been for real. This is an amazing time to be alive no matter who wins. And now that its down to the wire Obama and McCain duking it out I have to say I like them both. and both scare the hell out of me for different reasons respectively. 

Obama scares me because I think you cannot be unaffected by who you hang with and he has a track record of spending time with communist party members radical church leaders and yes a terrorist. And that is a relevant issue it is something as a voter I want a straight non bullshit awnser to and I just dont feel like I have received it yet. I dont like how its been minimalised by him and his administration and I dont like how none of his rabid supporters seems to be bothered with the ease Obama has in separating himself and denying people he seems to have been freinds with for years. Were is the loyalty? I dont know that I am ok with a guy that cant stand up for his freinds in charge of standing for my whole country. I also found it degrading watching the speaches given by Obama and Hillary in the south. Now I am not from there but watching both Obama and Hillary take on a cheese dick condescending southern accent.... Wow I would have walked out. Are they doing impressions or running for president. Call it a small thing but I think it shows a degree of showmanship i am uncomfortable with it shows me both were willing to pander to the american people in the way an adult might speak to a child, to change even their accents. And as I am trying to keep this a short list this one is a double edge sword so ill talk about it twice. I want to believ in Obama so bad it hurts. To have an articulate seemingly even handed man running the presidency is something I have wanted since I was cognizent of the gravity of the office. Even with the WJC I didnt feel like we had it. Obamas speeches are like music and I want that when the man in the highest office in the land speaks, I want so bad to not be embarassed when my commander in chief speaks to a crowd, but as time goes on and I hear him in the debates I feel like he reads a speach like a Hollywood polished god but get him in the ring and he is all to mortal. Wich would be ok but I fear that his speaches are simply writing out checks his ass cant cash. For as much as he and his party attack Palin( who is scary all on her own) Obama just isnt that experianced disagree? Re watch the democratic debates and Hillary and Biden will tell you them selves! Not only that but want to know how Biden really feels? Listen to those same debates and hear for yourself biden all but asks to be McCains running mate. Moving on....

McCain scares me for other reasons. I dont like how malable he bacame to the Bush admin to get the nomination. I realise it had to be done to get the job but it hurts to see your man take it in the ass.  Him bending over like that doesn't sit well with me and goes against my image of him in a way that tarnishes a man I greatly respected. McCains health care plan in my way of thinking puts my health care at risk I have a great plan now and I fear my company will drop it all together and ill be left with a check thats short of what i already had. I loose the buying power I had with my company and I am gonna be trying to get $12000 of health care with $5000. Another thing that scares me is McCains lack of faith in the free market and willingness to screw people like me by bailing out people that simply dont deserve it. Now this is one Obama is guilty of to but with McCain its more surprising. As harsh as it sounds people in homes they cant afford should loose them just like you should loose a car you cant pay for or anything else. And in so doing they drop already crazy values to levels people like me can afford people these are the basic rules of the free market we all are supposed to be living in. I could have purchased a 3000 sq foot home on an adjustable if I was irresponsible and willing to put my family at that risk but I wasn't and  didnt but Americans have a real "I want what I want " problem and this is what it gets you. You gamble sometimes you loose but if no one has to pay the price then noone learns anything and worst of all the market correction doesn't occur to the required level. I feel these people need to loose their homes in order for the housing market to fully realise the correction it needs in values and hopefully force local city governments to slow development in order to reestablish a balance in the market and restart the rise in value simple supply and demand. 

As a few of my friends may know I have been a fan of McCain for many years I respect his record and his ability to reach across the isle work with the opposing party. It means quite a bit to me he actually served our country in the armed forces and I feel better about having a president in office that actually showed up and knows what battle tastes like in charge when we have sons and daughters mothers and fathers in harms way. Only a man that has been there really understands the weight of ordering our men and women to danger.

 On the other hand Obama is the guy that I feel like I have been waiting for. New blood and in some cases I think his lack of experiance could even be a plus! Also as a catholic when the Kennedys came out in favor of him I felt like it was like the passing of the torch. I was awestruck at the thought I may be alive and know a JFK like semonal figure as my president. But the more They both talk the more pessimistic I become. McCain Obama either way I feel like I am gonna get fucked. With Obama I feel like there is just no way he can live up to what the Media has made him out to be and to be honest I found his late reactions to the economy and russia invading georgia Bush like in their lateness.  But I dont know that McCain is the right guy to lead us out of this mess I dont however think we would be here if he had won against Bush. I guess I am one of the "stupid undecided" the daily show likes to rail on... this is to big of an election to "vote against the bush party" when any thinking person can see thats a talking point and not reality or to just "vote for change" when there are some real questions as to the character of the man. I continue to read and listen to the pundits seeking out the most critical of both sides. But with Obama hiding till the end and McCain looking for his come back uppercut moment I think i will be making my decision standing in the booth. 


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