Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So my buddy Gabe check the links people, says to me he says " Hey have you checked out Pandora?" " um no but i am willing to who is she and do I know her?"  To make a long story short she is actually a website . And Definitely worth your time basically you set up your own radio stations starting by selecting an artist or song and it seeks out like music. I have been using it lately to get my ska fix and its been doing relatively well. Granted I had to run in here and stop the senseless crying of a few random artists but it has a never do that again button nuff said! I recently got to show off some Pandora action at a little shindig at Twin Palms and it went very well got a few compliments on my selections and everyone seemed to enjoy the back ground joy that is ska. so give her a spin ladies and gents I think you will like what your hear and hell if you dont its your own damned fault right!? 


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