Thursday, June 12, 2008

The reason why

So I was asked the other day." Hey Jerky wheres your sketches!?" well i hate to say it but i was warned against showin anything with my soon to trademarked company name until, well its trade marked. Between house stuff and gas my access to petty cash and some of the stuff I need to complete images and get this thing off the ground are limited and again I havent registered the name yet ergo, ass hat. You people gots ta wait! Seriously I hope you all arent disappointed and I hope maybe even get a poll out there to pick some of the designs I will offer so far I havent told many people about this thing but so far its been pretty positive. I will however post some sketches that are not totally unrelated soon. In the mean time here is one I have been drawing off and on since highschool and would love to build one day lemme know what you think. Oh and not real sure on the back end never can seem to get that just right but the front six headlights and the bubble are non negotiable.


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