Thursday, June 12, 2008

HH Magazine

So i was reading this months Heavy Hitters magazine and there was an article on the guy that is the owner of skin. If you arent sure what skin is hangout any were and sooner or later it will just walk past you look for an updated gothic logo (Skin) and normally a stripper or two. Any way I was amazed to read he started everything with 4 shirts and a hat! Wow to create so much with so little! And I started thinking I need a hat and maybe a beanie? Does any one wear beanies any more? I guess they do. Well I am not sure what to make of this I started thinking I needed between 6 and 12 but I think 4 is a really great place to start. As for the mag I think it has a lot of possibilities. They follow already or up and coming successfull men and women that just happen to have fly cars and interview them to see what path they took. Very interesting and most important of all empowering. I dunno how many stars I give it but I cant lie I wouldnt mind them knocking on my door sayin "hey wanna be in?"


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