Thursday, November 15, 2007

Launching a legend

Launching a legend is hard Levi Strauss Nike, Addida, Under Roos. How do you launch a legend? How do you know a niche, see a need and spring to fill it, fill it like the gratuitous porn star you so need to be? I wish I could say. But sons and daughters rest easy El has an idea he has a plan. With the help of a crack team, I hope to start my own version of a clothing legend. I am taking aim at a piece of the pie I don’t see a lot of players playing in. I am watching the new giants Ecko (hey did you know he’s a white guy?) Skin and Famous (all white guys actually). I am steering clear of the over done ghetto fab rapper scene and pulling from my roots my values my very own danglies. I am armed only with some sketches a dream and some friends with far greater skills than I. And people I think I got me a contender.


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